Focus on the R&D and design of high-quality sand and gravel aggregate shaping, sand making equipment, and recycled aggregate preparation

Engineering original recycled aggregate (aggregate) building materials professional technical equipment supplier

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In order to achieve the global strategic layout of the head office, our company actively participates in international agricultural exhibitions. Agriculture in Africa is in urgent need of development, but due to the imperfect basic industry, there is a large shortage of agricultural machinery. It is the goal of our generation to strive to open up the African market and let Chinese agricultural machinery be recognized by African friends.

1: DS pure sand making equipment: DS60 DS100 DS120 DS150 Application: mortar, commercial concrete, engineering, prefabricated components 2: ZDS shaping sand making (graded aggregate) equipment: ZDS615 ZDS1030 ZDS1545 Application: commercial concrete, engineering, asphalt Concrete and prefabricated components 3: SDS tailings sand powder separation powder sand making equipment: SDS150 SDS200, for powder tailings (0-10mm) for powder selection, grading, shaping and sand making. 4: Integrated equipment for making sand and mortar

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